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Soignon company is a famous brand of cheese’s goat, espaccaly know for the « bûche de chèvre Sainte Maur ». Created to invite this cheese goat in our snack and based on users survey, those tree concepts, recipe and packaging, had been develop to add value to the all cheese goat uses.

"Cheesecake" master 

The “cheesecake”, for the sweet snack, intend to be “chic” with is packaging reminding the pastry or cheese’s cloche.


Cheescake sticker's preparation 

Cheescake's layers

"Bouchées de chêvre" master 

The “bouchées enrobée” (coated bit), are easy to transport for the little angry. The box intend to be a distributor in the fridge.

Capture d’écran 2018-10-31 à 13.42.00.

The “poche crémeuse” (creamy piping bag), had been developpe to reinvent the children’s after-school-snack and make the tartine easier to make.


"Bouchées de chêvre" textures and uses

"La poche crémeuse" master

"La poche crémeuse" search and use

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