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baby brand

I’m used to work with other designers, artists and intellectuals. 

This « baby brand » allows me to do what I want to, without industrial limits.

Fragile, non exhaustive list of fragile things

Collaboration with BOLO Paper, Janvier 2017

La vérité est un braquage,

edition 2017

Collaboration with David Morin Ulmann, poet and anthropologist

Mini poster
Print and pattern 

October 2017


I wanted to work in an art and craft way, in a wide range of project: illustration, publishing, embroidery, screenprinting, etc...

Sells of embrodery of my o draw on tshirt and frame. 

On demand 

My favorite food product realized in my own way. Make the burger something luxury. 



Poster inspired from chronophtography

Based on xeroxed magazine’s pictures, to amplify the movement of the model and discontructing the basic mouvement.

Collaboration with BOLO Paper, Poster, Novembre 2016

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